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    10 Best Augmented Reality Apps For Android And iOS

    10 Best Augmented Reality Apps For Android And IOS


    Augmented reality is a fraction of the future. Touching is no more believing. It is now seeing through things. Augmented reality can solve most of our problems – remote telemedicine, remote industrial operation, customer care services, all of this can be solved with augmented reality applications. There has been a lot of work in this genre, and a lot of innovation and time has been spent in this sector. In this very sector, Apple’s AR kit and Google’s AR core are the top expanding technologies which take Augmented reality to a further ahead step. The way this segment of technology is expanding augmented reality will be the ultimate future of our technology tunnel.

    Google Translate

    An extremely useful app which utilizes augmented reality, this app can efficiently translate a language in an image from one to another. This helps you to understand the language on signs, in papers, on packages, and even memes. Isn’t it extremely handy, because up in a foreign land this becomes your translator for no charge at all? All you need to do is to open the app, click an image of the text, and then let the app perform the translation. Absolutely accurate and quick, this one solves your communication problems.

    Night Sky/Star Walk

    The app called Night Sky on iOS and Star Walk on Android, both these apps have an extremely seamless augmented reality interface which helps you to see the night sky. If you are a fan of stargazing, and you are in love with astronomy, you are in the right place. This app will use your location and phone orientation to display the star which is in your vicinity. The star map is most real, and is a great tool which helps you to understand the celestial world.

    Just a line

    This is a Google sponsored app and it helps you to draw real doodles within your 3D surroundings. Isn’t it cool? You can collaborate with other drawing software both on Android and iOS and make hilarious doodles real time. A fun app with a lot of potentials to develop art, this is one of the best applications of Augmented reality.


    This one gives you free tours of every space you can think of. This is an educational augmented reality app, and it helps you to see through reality through animations. You can explore anything that you wish – mobile engines, locks, the galaxy, the solar system, or anything else that you can imagine. There are even captions that help you to understand the functions of the objects that you are trying to decipher.

    IKEA place

    How many times have you bought furniture and then regretted the fact that it doesn’t fit your home well? Also, furniture shops do not give you trials that you will get it home and try to experiment with them. All of this being a huge hustle, IKEA place is here to rescue you. This app will download 3D furniture templates for you, which you can place in the corner of your house and see if it suits you well. Isn’t this one of the best apps for home décor?


    Efficient in measuring the floor sizes and plans, this one comes with significance. All people use this app, including the designers, architects and more. Magicplan is one of the best design apps that are present today – with precise measurements on display. Contractors and other people drive out a lot of value from this app – making this a one-time solution for them. Absolutely useful, this is by far the best use of augmented reality.

    AR GPS Compass Map

    Feel trouble navigating, even after using Google Maps? Well, that might be true for some of you.  Augmented reality compass maps are here to guide you right out to your point of location. Simply choose where you want to head, and things will be taken care of by this app. With real-time directions, you risk never getting lost again.


    Ever got stuck to a point where you can’t decide which tattoo you would try? You could be because a tattoo is a tough decision to make. Or love permanent tattoos, and could still never make them? Too bad that ink still doesn’t get printed from phones on to your skin, but you’ll feel slightly better – you can now select any part of your body and use this app to flash a tattoo on it. It will be captured as a photo which you can share with your friends or tattoo artist for reference. Isn’t that absolutely cool?


    Rated a number 3 on the play store, this is a photo-based social media, with the aid of augmented reality. A lot of people have been preferring this entertaining app. True now it has become slower, and people have been complaining of bugs, but it still stays unrivaled in idea and creation. The use of filters on the photos are vivid, creative, and unimaginable, making it one of the best applications of augmented reality yet again.

    Giphy World

    Completely entertaining, augmented reality makes this one interesting. You can pull out any 3D model from this app’s library and use it in the funny videos that you are making. You could use the video for entertainment purposes, share it with your friends and family, and have fun about it. Fun and easy to use, it is an entertainment application no doubt.

    Some other augmented reality apps that are worthy of mention are Sketchy AR, which guides you to build near-perfect sketches, and Quiver, which turns your color book into live characters. Arise is yet another app that makes a puzzle come alive before you. In short, all of these apps are designed to bring the future to your doorstep. This is the ultimate leap that technology has taken. With thousands of application, the augmented reality applications are being used regularly to normal apps, to make them more entertaining, more visual, and more appealing.

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