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    5 Apps That Every Netflix User Must Know About


    Netflix has freshly brewed content – but content is perpetually taken away and added. Every month, Netflix removes a bulk of content, and adds in fresh content. This can be a good thing that the users get to watch new content only, but the downside remains that every user has to keep a track of the content that is added and taken away. Keeping track of all of these additions and subtractions and then again going ahead with deciding what to watch is a little difficult to work with.

    Associated with Netflix, there are several apps that help you to decide with what you want to watch. With such a wide range of content, it becomes slightly difficult to decide what to watch, and how to individually control all of that video streaming. To help in the maze, all of these apps help you to find what is good for you, and sets aside that content for you. Below listed are the apps that you could use to make your browsing at Netflix even easier.

    Flixed ( Search Every Region)

    This app makes it absolutely easy to find out the highest rated content that is up on Netflix. Netflix is undoubtedly better than watching the television and it is definitely expanding rapidly. All of the great tools that are available are making it even more compatible for use. With its global presence, Netflix is presently at the junction where it’s all over the planet save 4 places namely China, Syria, North Korea and Crimea! But of course, the shows vary from region to region. The Netflix app has a very complex system that predates all the launches of the content in various regions. Netflix when shows content has to bid rights for each region hence. The net result is that the shows are different in each region, and every region has its own brand new content. When you are looking for content in your own region, that is very simple – you just need to type in a search. But when you want to go international, and watch the best of all cultures, that becomes difficult. This is where Flixed comes in. this site will actually direct you to amazing content in Netflix. If there is a particular content that is available to some other country and not to you, you could hypothetically travel to that country, using VPN services. Although it is legally questionable, you could totally watch diverse movies.

    Netflix Party

    Netflix Party

    Would you be interested to share the Netflix content with someone special? Like two friends watching the same content, at the same time, over the same intermissions and breaks? This is the Netflix Party – the simple browser extension that takes sharing to the next level. This sharing will allow you to watch it like a live TV broadcast. If this isn’t enough, you and your friend can even comment out there, on the parts you liked and what you didn’t. you could have a fully blown conversation over movie even after being in distance! This is the very unique feature of an in built chat room making the experience far more exciting. The show can be paused for the both of you, and you can take a small break with it. An amazing set up for people in long distances, or two friends who would love to watch series together – Netflix Party is the real millennial party. For the usage, you just need to get the extension downloaded, after that, things are pretty easy to figure out. A definite yes for those who want to save money in the subscription fee too – you don’t have to pay a bomb for your own subscription, your friend can share the subscription with you. Definitely a more economic choice for all subscribers,and it is obviously a smarter one.

    Ottoplay (Channel Surfing)

    Combine the goodness of a television with the content of Netflix. Television and its constancy, and Netflix and its fresh content make a great couple when combined. Achieve this great combination with Ottoplay. Although a lot of people don’t prefer this, Ottoplay can be an amazing guide into your Netflix browsing if used accurately. If you download Ottoplay, all kinds of content listings that are presently being run on Netflix start popping up. You could change channels, and then watch the suggested content. It makes the decision making so much easier for you, and this becomes the semi TV experience – with freshly brewed content that makes more sense. This is an online TV browsing idea, that simplifies the process of viewing infinite content up for you – you no longer have to go through the entire process of sorting content, or deciding what to see! It comes in a TV like presence, and makes your watching more fulfilling and easy.

    FlixPlus by LifeHacker

    Netflix has a wide range of app selections if you are a mobile watcher. But there’s quite a scanty choice when you are going to watch something up on your personal computer or television. To save the personal computer watchers out there, Lifehacker team takes it a notch ahead for those viewers. Lifehacker team provides you a huge relief out here, you have the Flix Plus, which is an amazing app that literally uses keyboard shortcuts to get you started with browsing. This is an amazing decider for you, just use the keyboard to watch what’s hot in your area and have great fun watching! You simply tap your keyboard and get access to a wide variety of content delivered fresh, and you could be constantly flipping and watching more!

    FlixPlus by LifeHacker

    Netflix Enhancer

    This is a brilliant free browser plugin that gives you an amazing Netflix experience. This enhances Netflix for you, and takes it a step forward. Watch more on Netflix with this extension, and get a sneak peek into more with this one. You could see extra reviews, and other windows. The old version is free for use, but the new one costs up to 2 dollars a year. Download this for a more detailed Netflix experience!

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