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    How to Catch a Cheater with TheOneSpy Cell Phone Spy App?

    Nobody likes that his/her partner or loved one get involve in cheating or have second thoughts. Betrayal is not less than venom. Cheating someone is similar as to playing with someone’s emotions and feelings. But today infidelity is been on the rise since a last decade. Now you don’t need to cheat to your spouse or loved one with secret dating initially.

    The contemporary technology has revolutionized the element of cheating in a relation to the next level. The advanced mobile phone devices connected to the cyberspace and the tech –genie such as social media is the best tools to get involved in cheating sitting right next to your loved one. All this is possible with the contemporary mobile phone technology.

    However, technology has come up with the infidelity or cheating prevention tools in terms of cell phone spyapp. You can use it on the target cell phone device and you can catch your partner/girlfriend/boyfriend read handedly. Let’s take a look in the following how you can use cell phone tracking software to catch a cheater?

    Install TheOneSpy cell phone spy app

    Step1: Get Subscription Online

    First and foremost you need to visit the official website of the mobile phone monitoring software official website. Now you need to subscribe for phone tracking app and you will receive credentials in terms of passcode and ID.

    Step2: Get Physical Access on Spouse Smartphone

    Furthermore, gets physical access on your loved one or spouse smartphone running with android or IOS operating systems. So, once you have got the subscription with accordance of the OS and then get access on the device. Get started with the installation process and once you have ended up with the process of installation activate the mobile phone surveillance app.

    Step3: Get Access to the web portal of TheOneSpy

    Now use the passcode and ID and get access to the online control panel of mobile phone tracking app that you have got at the time of subscription. Then you can visit all the tools that enable you to catch the cheating spouse with facts and figures.

    Catch cheater with TheOneSpy cell phone surveillance app features

    Surround Monitoring

    You can remotely get access to the loved one or spouse mobile phone device and can control to the MIC. So, you can remotely record and listen to the surround sounds and conversations of your spouse and loved ones on the target device using the MIC bug app.

    Moreover, you can remotely get control over target device front and back camera to record the surround visuals of your girlfriend and boyfriend with spyvidcam bug software. Moreover, you can remotely capture photos of the surround with the camera bug app.

    Call recording

    The end user can record all the incoming and outgoing live calls of your loved one when they are not at home. You can remotely get to know to whom your spouse is talking on their mobile phone at your back. So, you can use the secret call recorder to listen to the live calls of your loved one.

    Live Screen Recording

    You can perform live screen recording on your wife or husband cell phone device secretly and in real –time. You can use the live screen recording tool to make short back to back videos of the screen and further you can view the recorded videos having access to the online control panel. Then you can view all the live recorded short videos of the screen of your loved one’s cell phone and get to know what sort of activities are bring done.

    IM’s Social Media

    You can get the logs of all the social media apps activities installed on the loved one phone. The user can view the logs of text messages, chat conversations, audio, and video conversations shared multimedia and Voice messages.

    GPS location tracking

    The user can remotely track the GPS location of the loved ones or spouse with location tracking app of TheOneSpy. Furthermore, you can get to know the location history and you can also set safe and dangerous areas for your target.


    TheOneSpy cell phone spying app is the ultimate and reliable tool to catch the cheater by tracking mobile phone device remotely.

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