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    5 Best Privacy Apps For Your Phone

    5 Best Privacy Apps For Your Phone


    With the digital world, the usages of phones have increased greatly. From the tiny dial phone, we now have large screens with the touch facility –we have definitely evolved way ahead of times. All our work has now condensed to the on the go mode – our smartphones. But however smart our phones may be, they might not be smart enough to protect themselves from viruses or threats that are freely roaming online. The phones require a degree of protection, for prying people, or virus, likewise. Also, people have a lot of private documents on their phones which they need to protect. Hence, there has to be some kind of data protection that will be offered by third-party apps. Security and privacy are the key points when one is on the go. All the data should remain protected, even in smartphones.

    Data is often lost, or accessed by others. We have a tonne of data that requires protection from the outer world. The list includes a huge bundle of passwords, logins, credit and debit numbers, codes, notes, pictures, documents and more. We are constantly working on the go, and it is not possible for us to ensure that every transaction has been safe. Often it happens that we have quickly accessed some data and left the window unattended, after which there may be a sudden data theft. These data thefts can make us lose a lot – either we have a robbed account, or a leaked picture, which can cause a lot of damage. Thus we can see how important it is, to protect our data from online prying.

    Most of our lives are always online – either we are logging into zones, or we are online shopping or using our credit cards, we are continuously sending emails, messages and we are putting ourselves in a vulnerable position. With all of these activities, if the security and privacy aren’t well maintained, we might be in truck-loads of problems. To solve this, we have enlisted a few applications that cover your privacy and security issues, so that you can work freely without any troubles.

    Abine Presents Blur

    Seamless, quick and seal proof, Blur is a privacy app that helps you secure your data. You can easily generate very strong passwords that cannot be hacked, and that gives your accounts ulterior protection.  You could even receive emails privately, and you could mask your credit and debit numbers to prevent fraud from happening – yes! This one is an efficient dream come true application. This is available for both Android and iPhone versions and is definitely recommended.


    Your online presence isn’t safe. You might not be aware of the fact, but most of your passwords are automatically accessed by the online apps. MyPermissions help you out there in the outer world to take back control from all of these apps and secure your phone. With this app, you can actually see the apps that have been connected to Facebook and other likely apps. You can even opt out of certain apps whenever you feel like it. This is an amazing interface that will secure your online presence and make your phone a fort.


    We bet you haven’t heard about this one. Definitely one of the powerful search engines, this one protects as you search the web. It often happens that search engines are often not secure, wherein you can accidentally download all kinds of Trojan threats, but, this one will help you to keep your system secure, while your online experience stays flawless and undisturbed. The best part is that this app will not save your personal information, nor will it attempt to track you. This app respects your privacy and security greatly and ensures that there are no breaches. This is a very important characteristic of any app, as it will help you have a seamless online presence. It is also user-friendly, efficient, the design is open source, and it will allow you to search directly on thousands of search engines and sites – making it versatile.


    There are so many cloud facilities that help you to store data. Some of them are One Drive, Google Drive and more. Often, these cloud systems aren’t secure, and there can be photo or data leaks. There has been an iCloud nude celebrity leak too – which shows how unstable and unsafe these platforms can be. To keep your data safe, we have Keeply. This is the app that will keep all your information tucked away safely in the online interface, only for you to access. You can protect your documents, photos, notes, credit and debit card details, and so many other things via this app. They have other cool features that help you to generate fake pins, have a server-free backup, and even take an intruder photo so that if anyone tries to bypass your system, you can catch him red handed. Such an efficient app! Unfortunately, this app is available only for iPhone users.


    A new launch, this one is capable of letting you enjoy a safe internet environment. These days, the internet is full of lurking threats that often get auto downloaded and start eroding into your systems. This app protects from an accident of that sorts. One can enjoy uninterrupted browsing in any search engine – he or she is secured by this app’s security settings. There is absolute unlimited access to all your favorite browsers, sites, and all that downloading activity that you so like. And it is all secured by this application – so you can be sure of the fact that your phone is completely secure, and your data is safe.

    This app has a unique way to ensure that your data stays safe when you are logging in with the SaferVPN, you are connecting to a global server. For the same, your computer’s IP address is masked, and what is exposed is the SaferVPN IP – that protects you from any threat, fraud or theft. Your IP address is no longer available for the world to hack.


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