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    7 Creative Ways To Promote Your App For Free


    It is only but obvious that when you are creating an app, you will want it to gain publicity. Some of the basic things that you will expect will be that people will be talking about your app, recommending each other to download your app, etc. but here’s the point – the publicity part of it may be more difficult than building the app. There are several factors that are involved while marketing, and if not done correctly, can cause trouble. There are both options available – promotions can be done in a paid technique or a free technique. But it is always not necessary to spend truckloads of money into an activity which might as well be done for free. These are the simple ways by which mobile apps may be given the desired publicity that they need.

    App Store Optimization

    This is the one technique that is iconic and easy. It may take a lot of time to hit the top apps, but this is one unique way to definitely climb to the top. Make the users give a good review after completing a task, get good ratings to become trending. Once you are in the trending bracket, people will naturally start downloading your app. Even the play store will recommend you.

    These are the initial first steps that you need to follow. For stronger app store optimizations, conduct thorough keyword research and look into most used keywords that are related to your app. Use these words to write a refined article. Add in some screenshots from your application and use a good video to demonstrate everything. This is how you can quickly reach to the top list.

    Create A Proper Dedicated Website

    It is true that Google and Apple Play stores limit your description of the application, and you may find it difficult in words to explain the utility and the features of the application. To avoid the fuss, leave a short description in the play store, and also, create a proper dedicated website for your application. There, explain things with minute details, as you can afford to expand and elaborate as much as you can. If people are looking for more information on your application, they will directly access the dedicated website and learn more about the app. You can easily attach a link on play store to lead them to the website even. You may think that hosting a website means having to do with a lot of expenses, not necessarily. You can get a website for free – use the free hosting sites and the free templates if you aren’t in the mood to spend a lot of money now at this moment.

    Use A Blog To Promote The App

    Your app needs some good content related to it, and blogging comes absolutely free. This is one great technique to promote good content and bring in significant returns. Write an SEO enriched blog for better results. You can rely on this to bring you significant returns, downloads, more reviews, clicks, and organic engagement. Another great strategy that you could implement is to encourage guest blogging. This will incorporate other people into your app ecosystem – user reviews are always taken seriously, and your app gets an instant boost.

    Use Twitter

    These days, the power of social media can work out miracles. There are a thousand things that your app can do when its publicity is handled by a media called twitter. The engagement level that is promoted, is huge and significant. It aims to link all people of the world, irrespective of their strata. Use twitter cards in your blog, and this would increase the number of people who will be reading the blogs. You could even use Twitter promotions to increase the number of reads and downloads. Just have sufficient and engaging content for the world to witness.


    One of the most popular stands for marketing, Facebook lets you market everything for free. You could hold a business page, and use it as leverage to reach more people. Effective, smart and quick – Facebook marketing is a hidden weapon that no one in the marketing industry should miss. There are 1.8 billion active users of Facebook, and this number keeps growing. Absolutely suitable for all your marketing needs, use this platform and churn out maximum value from this segment. Simply create a page for your app, then move ahead with a focused community, and finally get solid feedback from the customers who have used your app.

    Email For Marketing

    Use gated content to extract out the email of interested customers. This will streamline the exact number of people you will need for the application. This will help you to market your app and take things forward. Since it gives you streamlined search results – you can easily target the required people. It filters out the unnecessary people. Reach out to them regularly and communicate with them. Use email communication to keep things alive and going.

    Submit Your App To Review Sites

    This is a great strategy because this increases the chances that the people will download your app more. It is obvious if a greater number of reviews come down to your app, a greater number of people will start liking it. And getting it reviewed from third party people makes it more interesting. Your play store page has a lot a greater number of reviews, and this boosts up your app ranking. Pursue them relentlessly, because the competition is tough, and the climb won’t be easy. Your app automatically gains more exposure, with a greater number of people having access to it. The moment people hit the idea that your app is of superior quality – there’s no more looking back. It becomes your finishing line. Word of mouth spreads, your app’s name gets popular, and its obvious that your goal is almost fulfilled. But with the success that you get, do not stop with these processes. Keep uploading more articles and engaging content, that will make people keep coming back to you. These strategies will help you market your mobile app well.

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