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    5 Basic Experience Design Considerations For Mobile Apps

    5 Basic Experience Design Considerations For Mobile Apps


    With the advancement of technology, Mobile phones have become very common in the life of people. They facilitate communication and make life easier. It connects people all around the world by simply calling or texting process. There are applications over your mobiles that help you achieve so many facilities in the day to day life. There are mobile apps for almost every aspect of life starting from exercising to shopping. Thus, these devices have made reaching out to the solution of a problem much easier.

    The applications on mobiles are way too helpful for us. We all must be using one or other app over our mobile. The primarily inbuilt phone app helps us to call and connect anywhere we want. Customers of various companies increase the traffic over the site of that company by reaching them over their Mobile devices. Mobile applications are lifesavers in these cases.

    There are two interface design concepts for mobiles. They are the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). These concepts are crucial to design the interface of an app and for the smooth running of the app. For design concepts, it is really important to understand their role and the difference between them. If you are looking forward to developing your own app, then start learning the basics of UI and UX.

    UX or User Experience usually talks about the user’s interaction with the application. This process is dependent upon the application’s usability. The application is easy to be used when the navigation on the app is easier. However, UI or user interface is about the basic layout of the app. If the layout is properly planned and easy to use, then the user also faces a lot of conveniences. So, UI and UX go hand in hand.

    So, Do You Clearly Know The Importance Of Mobile Applications?

    The mobile applications are all that we use over our mobile devices these days. This increases traffic over a business. These apps increase the revenue for so many online businesses. When an app is designed, the designer thinks about designing the basic layout of the app. And, the design seems easy but it is not. It needs a lot of patience, testing, suggestion, inspirations, and most importantly dedication. If you thoroughly do not work over the app development, you will face severe drawback in designing the best user-friendly app.

    Moreover, the application needs to be pleasing to the user. The design needs to be alluring and eye-catching. The contrast of colors, icons, and buttons need to be well developed and organized in each page of the app. The navigation experience needs to be the best for the user. For developing these things in an app, the designer or the developer has to be very patient and needs to be devotees to the work to get the maximum output.

    Then Where Should The Developer Start From?

    When it comes to UI or UX, the first step has to know who the targeted audience is. After knowing the targeted users, you can focus on the app that the targeted audience demands. Do a proper study and get the feedback of your customers and inculcate those needs in your app. This will improve your application’s credibility.

    Things That Should Be Considered Before Designing The UX And UI

    Before moving on to anything, let us focus on the topic of this article which is about the experience design considerations for a Mobile application.
    Here are the points to guide you with it.

    Responsiveness of  the App’s Fitness

    Responsiveness indicates your application’s usability and fitness. If your application is compatible with all devices and it can fit over any screen size while viewing, then it is considered fit.

    Responsiveness is something that cannot be ignored. When we talk about mobile phones, they don’t come in one size or shape. They vary incredibly. Some devices are too large and some are too small. Therefore the app needs to fit over all types of screen sizes.

    Your app needs to slay not only over smartphones but also on tablets and PC. There are landscape view and portrait view over a device. The app needs to be fit to view in both modes. Be patient to plan your designs by taking these aspects into consideration.

    Seamless User Experience and Design

    For an app to be really successful, it has to meet the user needs. As we discussed above, an app needs to be designed according to the needs of its targeted audience. It needs to include aspects that the customer base demands from that. Then only, it will be a big hit.

    For seamless user experience, predominantly focus on the UI and UX of the app. Try to keep it neat and subtle. Organize your content properly over the application and give proper navigation guidelines to the user. Once the user feels convenient, it will review your app to be good. And that is how the customer list expands.

    Usually, the apps are focused on specific users, but you need to make your app as versatile as you can gradually. It will make your business dynamic to all mass of customers. If all kinds of customers are benefited over the app, then it will be certainly helping your business the most. Therefore, do not limit things to specific users. Also, try not to limit the content of the app only up to what the user needs to know. Be specific but try to be dynamic at the same time.

    Mobile App Performance

    Investing in Mobile app design is important. If you invest and the design comes out to be poor, you are ought to face difficulties regarding your business. Most users want the app to work properly within fractions of seconds when an icon is pressed or any content on the app is surfed.

    Think about ordering food from a hotel. When you are ordering and suddenly the app slows down, then you will jump to another app in no time to look for the food there. Even if the second one doesn’t have a great interface or facilities, you will not go back to the previous one because it is too time-consuming over there. So, customers tend to stay with you when your mobile app performance is good.

    When your app works effectively, doesn’t load too much or buffer too much and finally does the job in seconds, then it is for sure that the same customer may return back to you again. Performance is the biggest factor to be taken into consideration.

    Keep it Simple and Concrete

    Keep the things neat and plain over your app so that the consumer doesn’t get confused. If the layout is good and the navigation is seamless, then it will provide an easy and uncomplicated user experience.

    You need to know which contents to display over the Homepage, and which one you should hide. Keep things organized categorically and if possible, try to sort them alphabetically as well. This will ensure that the user doesn’t have to look too much to find a particular section over your app. But, being specific doesn’t imply being minimal over the contents or the design. You have to provide everything that can help your customer and try to keep it very concrete and specific within that.

    Prove the value of your App

    Usually, it is noticed that when we use an app and our target is achieved, we uninstall the app to avoid battery drainage and space consumption. Many people do the same. But to avoid this, you have to offer your users the benefits and value of the app.

    You need to repeatedly remind your users that you can always be useful to them. Try to give extra discounts over certain services that keep them lured. It can also get some users back on board if they have already quit your app. Keep mobile ads limited and give them a better experience with the gradual update of your app. Inform them about the new features that you include over the app and offer them discounts and coupons over the service or product.

    Try to make your content more relevant and good day by day. Gather the information which the users continuously ask for. Try to reply to their queries and help them in no time. Guide them with personal chats with the experts of your team.


    Every customer is different and so are his or her needs. You cannot individually meet their needs but you can at least try to build the basic things in your app for the general mass. You can help the customers over personals emails and chats.

    UI and UX are very crucial when it comes to the application. They are like the bone and flesh to your app. Without them, it is nearly impossible to give life to your App. Therefore, focus on these aspects more and invoke every small aspect into your app by taking inspirations from other successful apps.

    When the mobile application works well, it gives a boost to your online business. It gets you the number of customers and services. It scales up your revenue and increases the margins of the profit. We hope these points will help you out in giving the best benefits to your online business. These experience design considerations are really vital and tested to give you real output when you closely work over them.



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