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    When To Choose Android First App For Launch?

    Mobile apps have become an integral part of the business world regardless of the industry or business app. Including the mobile app to the service is one of the proven strategies to extract exponential growth for the business within no time. However, the very first question that every business owner encounters is which platform to choose first Android or iOS. There is a number of iOS and Android mobile app development companies offering the app development within an affordable range, but you have to decide the direction of your app development. In order to decide which platform is suitable for the initial stage of your mobile app, you need to consider some of the important points. This consideration includes various factors that drive the app development and helps you to when you need to choose the Android app as the first app launch.

    Targeted Audience

    The very first factor that you should be considered prior to going for the mobile app development is your targeted audience. In case your significant portion of the targeted audience belongs to the Android user, you need to start looking for top Android mobile app developers. This is the most eminent factor in deciding the platform that decides the future of your mobile app development.


    The second factor that you need look is your budget, most of the startups initially have a tight budget. This leaves them with the choice of the android app development company. Android apps are cost-effective in comparison with iOS, however best android mobile app development companies may ask for bit high price, but that is affordable when compared the iOS app development.

    App Price

    The most underestimated factor while deciding the Android app as the first launch. The price status of the app plays a vital role in the process. You need to select whether you will cost some amount to the users or it will be free. Android users mostly prefer free mobile apps so in case your app is free then android should be the first choice. This also helps in selecting the android app development company

    These above factors should be considered while taking the decision about the first platform for your app. Top mobile app developers use these factors to help the companies in deciding first app launch. Along with deciding when to choose Android first app launch you can also figure out which android app development company is best for you.


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