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    7 Best Strategies To Boost Your Mobile App Downloads

    How user behavior impacts E-commerce industry:

    Getting people to download your app can be very challenging – it was an estimation that stated that an average American downloads only 3 apps a month. As of the year 2016, a study conducted showed that Google Play and Apple Store sell about 4 million apps combined. There are so many options available that an app becoming popular and having millions of downloads is a rare probability.

    Luckily there are ways in which one can go ahead with this. Here are 7 best ways to boost your mobile app downloads:

    Work on App store optimization: ASO or App Store Optimization is a brilliant way to influence app downloads. Remember that it requires constant efforts from your part to make this successful. Remember that App store rankings always depend on metadata, which includes description, ratings and reviews, and App Store Optimization would include more than that – you might want to include the keywords in it too.

    Conducting A/B tests is another great way to go ahead with the marketing. The metrics that you can track would be keyword ranking, app store impressions, number of downloads.

    Encourage user reviews: when you are raising your app store visibility to increase the downloads, that is only one step taken. When your users will find your app, you will again need considerable amount of effort to convince your customers that your app is worth the use. This is where the user reviews come into play. Users always tend to rely on word of mouth recommendations, over any other forms of advertising. You could allow reviews through in app messages ( but be careful not to send too many notifications and bother them).

    Reviews are extremely fundamental to help your customers to figure out the quality, relevance and also provide a great opportunity for you to interact with the customers. If the users share suggestions or complaints, you could even respond to them, and tell them that you’ll incorporate those changes. That works even better for the users – you will get their trust and hence promote more downloads.

    Mobile App Downloads

    Ensuring that your app doesn’t crash: users generally tend to share their grievances online – they do not like if the app crashes too frequently and they’ll complain about it on the online forum. After responding to these comments, your developers must quickly work on these existing problems, and then get back to the users. This is very important if you have to keep up with user retention.

    Take up an active approach, send your app through rigorous testing, so that all potential bugs be discovered, and your app is available with minimal or no errors.

    Motivate the users to make referrals: this is another great way to get in more users. Simply convert existing users into brand ambassadors, and give them an incentive in return. They will automatically start preaching about your app to others, and since it is word of mouth recommendation, you will get users again. If you are a car rental company, you could provide some free miles, and if you are cloud storage providing company, some extra GB data can be given away.

    Invest in content: create great content that will help your app reach its potential. Remember that content is king – it is capable to increase your visibility by a thousand folds. It could be infographics, online content, videos, or even sponsored content. It would depend on what your customer digests. For example if you have a gaming app, you could simply show your audience a visual of the rich graphics. Or if you have great utility apps, talk in depth about the usage and the vitality of the app. These would be absolutely crucial in deciding your app visibility and downloads.

    Engage well on social media: the solo platform that acts as a game changer – find out ways to reach out to millions of customers! Pay close attention to the user demographics and accordingly keep posting valuable blogs and articles related to the app that you are launching. Remember that is should not be limited to sales pitches only – it should stretch far beyond. Respond to your users there, and create a community that thrives because of the app.

    Influencer and community outreach: influencers dominate the advertising field. It has been seen that when a popular face endorses a particular product, the number of takers for the product massively increase. They have the power to affect the purchase design of your product, you just need to know how to go about it. Take a realistic goal and contact an influencer – and then let him/her pitch it in his/her own style. This should be sufficient to increase the sales dramatically! If you research the right kind of influencer for your community – you have already won half the game.

    With these techniques implemented, all you can do is measure, analyze and optimize the number of downloads. You would also need these insights to monitor all your future campaigns too – if there is a particular audience which has stopped catering to your posts, you might recognize the need to redirect them. Thus with the app metrics that you have collected, you can drastically change the way you campaign.

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