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    Top 15 Camera Apps for Android for 2019

    Top 15 Camera Apps for Android for 2019


    Smartphones are evolving day by day and these are the most convenient devices to use in day to day activity. By the evolution of smartphones, a camera in these smartphones is improving rapidly making it really easy to capture our memories. These days many of us use the default camera app but what if you are not satisfied with the quality of the default camera app? Here come the third-party Camera Apps which comes with pre-inbuilt features which improve your photos. So, we are here with the Best 15 camera apps to enhance your memories by capturing it with better apps and making your memories sweeter and more memorable.

    Open Camera 

    The open Camera app has a very simple and plan User Interface. This camera app also has a manual mode through which any basic Photographer can shoot awesome photos from there phone itself. These manual modes are accessible from the setting panel and it contains all the essential manual controls like ISO, White Balance, Exposure Control etc. The open Camera app also allows you to control over JPEG compression quality of your images.

    VSCO  Cam

    VSCO Cam is one of the most famous and interesting camera apps these days. This camera app is mostly used by Instagram influencers and small influencers to click their photos for social media. There are one of the simple and modern looking apps. And also, this app is minimalist in terms of user experience and interface. You can also apply pre-built filters and effects to enhance your photos. Also, you are allowed to enter text and edit photos accordingly. This is widely famous in Instagram and also you can search for photos which are edited in VSCO via hashtag #vsco.

    Cameringo Lite 

    Cameringo Lite app is a filter camera app whose main feature is to provide different interesting filters while capturing pictures. It consists of over 300 live filters and over 20 frames to create a border for your pictures. These apps also consist of inbuilt software lenses effect which adds a whole new perspective to your photo. Also, these app’s secret feature is incognito mode recoding that means you can record while your mobile screen is off. And that is a very interesting feature overall.


    Vignette is a full-featured camera application with hundreds of filters and frames. There is a paid app (Rs. 190). This app is fully customizable that means you can control exposure, zoom and click photos via volume buttons. This app allows you to edit your photos without losing and the quality of your photos.


    The camera app is the all in one app for doing all you photo related pieces of stuff will it be selfies, making collages, editing photos and much more. This app consists of real-time selfie filters which are a necessity in this social media world. Also, this app beautifies your photos with amazing filters, pro photo editor studio, snap sticker, collage maker, crop, install it, layout, blur, mirror and makeup and much more. It consists of 7 different fascinating lenses to improve your photos.

    Candy Camera 

    Candy Camera, as the name indicates, seems to be a fancy and joyful camera app. But seeing to the Interface of the Actual app, it’s a very clean and minimalist app with easy access and clean UI. This app has different modes and features according to your need. It has filters for selfies, in particular, it has different beauty functions to beautify your face in selfies. It has prebuilt stickers which make your photos more interactive.

    PicsArt Photo Studio 

    PicsArt Photo Studio app is one of the most used and famous amongst the small creators and photo editors in general. In addition to having its own software to control the camera has a large community of users who instantly share their latest creations in PicsArt community. And that is more interesting for creators and can inspire anyone. It has a greater number of features and can do pretty much anything and can-do wonders to your photos. You can retouch the taken photos and edit them accordingly as per your need. These apps also provide you interesting filters and Text to add to your photos and make it look outstanding.

    Camera 360 

    Camera 360 is an interesting camera app mostly for selfie lovers. It is a selfie photo editor with funny stickers. It consists of modern and professional editing tools and all themed funny stickers. It also consists of Motion Stickers to give life your photos and look them awesome.

    GIF Camera 

    GIF Camera, as the name indicates, is mainly used for making GIF. When you open the app, you can record small videos, once saved, it has created a GIF which you can share among your friends.

    Camera Fv-5 

    Camera Fv-5 is a pro app and it sold for Rs.199. It also has a lite version which is available free on the Play store. It is a pro app, by Pro, I mean it’s mostly for professional photographers who need Super manual mode and wanted to capture a perfect picture. It has a DSLR like a viewfinder display which consists of exposure time, aperture and stops display with EV and bracketing settings in real time. It consists of inbuilt intervalometer which helps in capturing insane time lapses for your videos right from your mobile.

    Camera Zoom FX 

    Camera zoom FX consists of two versions one is the Premium one which costs Rs.290 and the other is a Free version. This app is also a Pro app for photographers. This app consists of Full Manual DSLR controls using API 2. Raw photos are the favorite for professional photographers and this app allows users to click Raw photos if the Device is supported to do so.

    Google Camera 

    Google Camera is the simplest and cleanest camera app by Google. It has many features like HDR+, Video Stabilization, Smart burst, Photosphere, Lens Blur, and Slow Motion. It is one of the smoothest and fastest apps for quick capturing of photos.

    Motion Stills 

    Motion Stills is an app from Google Research that lets you capture short videos and transform them into beautiful cinemographs or sweeping cinematic pans using our advanced stabilization and rendering technology. It has a clean and simple User Interface which allows users to easily navigate through the app.

    Pro Capture 

    Pro Capture consists of two versions of their app, one is the paid (Rs.330) one and other is a Free one. It consists of different modes to capture your photos like, Panorama Mode, Wide shot mode, Reduced noise mode, real-time on-screen histogram etc., which helps a user to improve the overall quality of the photos.

    Footej Camera 

    Footej Camera is an interesting camera app with an interesting name. It has a very clean and simple UI for users to navigate properly throughout the app. It has an amazing photo and video Quality within the app itself. It has a feature to create animated GIF’s. And like other Camera apps, this app also has Manual mode with respective controls like ISO, White Balance, Shutter Speed etc.,

    These were the Best 15 Camera apps for the year 2019. With these apps, you will be able to have better photo quality which can put your social handles on fire.

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