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    Top Mobile App Development Framework To Look Out In 2019

    In recent years the world has experienced a significant transformation while shifting from desktop to mobile-centric market. The applications and benefits of mobile apps have taken entirely over the traditional desktop technology. Now, the mobile app industry is also experiencing a sudden change after the introduction of a number of programming languages. The new and improved programming options have made the developers to learn and accept the new app development technologies.

    Whether it is Android, iOS or hybrid application programming the developers have plenty of options to choose from. This is where the framework plays a pivotal part to help the developers in making the right decision. To make this easy for the app developers, we have handpicked top app development frameworks that will be trending in 2019 and beyond.

    1.React Native

    React Native is one of the popular and lovable javascript framework for the app developers across the globe. The framework was launched back in 2013 by the social media giant Facebook that makes app development less hectic for the developers. React Native supports almost all IDE’s and; latest app development tools required to develop a fantastic app. Besides, the framework is ideal for developing native apps on both iOS and Android platform.


    Another popular framework that is entirely based on C# enables is Xamarin. The developers use it to build native apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. Microsoft introduced the framework a few years back to provide more convenient and useful programming environment to the developers. Along with this, Xamarin also allows the developers to share codes on Windows and Mac OS which is a significant benefit and save a lot of time. However, as the framework is based on C#, the developers should be familiar with C# codebase.

    3.Corona SDK

    If you are more concern with the time and speed of the development, then this is the right framework for you. Corona SDK is the best framework compared to all others when it comes to app development speed. The framework is based on a lightweight code, Lua which enables the developers to build an app in less time. Specifically, Corona SDK is 10 times faster than any other framework for developing native mobile apps.

    4.Adobe PhoneGap

    An excellent framework from another tech giant Adobe, PhoneGap is known for reflecting any change in the app development immediately comparing to the other frameworks. This framework is also suitable for cross-platform app development just like Flutter. Developers can build an app in PhoneGap using HTML5,  JavaScript and CSS which makes it a perfect choice for hybrid app development. You can develop apps for almost all the platforms including iOS and Android. Besides, it also permits the developers to add more features with the help of available plugins.


    Latest framework launched by Google is ideal for building cross-platform mobile apps. Flutter is an open-source framework that is based on Dart language; however, it is best suited for the hybrid apps. Flutter offers user-friendly programming environment to the developers along with a smooth learning curve for the beginners. It uses Skia, which a 2D rendering engine to develop visuals for the app similar to material design and Cupertino style.

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