7 Tips To Avoid Any Mobile App Usability Issues

    Mobile app design / UI has been through a drastic transformation in recent years. Where most of the users prefer the minimally designed app having a simple UI, it is also essential to keep the app attractive at the same time. However, it isn’t that easy as it sounds the designers and developers have to face a lot of trouble during the development. The most common problem is the mobile usability issue that causes a lot of trouble to the app owners. According to the recent survey, almost 88% of the user never visits back to the app on which they have faced any kind of usability issue.

    So, it is very necessary for the developers and designers to avoid any kind of mobile app usability issue. With the help of in-depth analysis and extensive research, we come up with these top 7 tips for you to make sure that your app is safe from usability troubles.

    However, there is significant confusion among the people between mobile app usability and user interface. Although both the terms refer to the app’s design and layout but have a different definition. Where UI means the whole design and interaction of the app, the usability represents the process of making sure that specific users achieve a particular goal in the given environment.

    1. Platform Availability

    This is the very first issue that costs a number of users to the app, and you need to be very careful about this usability issue. If you are launching an app according to your targeted customer, then you must also consider some other cases. You should consider making your app available on different platforms so the users will be able to use it across different devices. Consider, if a user switched to iOS from Android then he or she won’t be able to find your app, and that will cost a customer.

    2. Convenient on-boarding

    This is the very first place where you user lands after installing your app, so you don’t want to mess it up. Yes, in this case, the first impression is the last impression where you need to be very cautious about it. For most of the apps, it is the sign in or sign up process so try to make it very minimal. For example, don’t ask the user to fill in a very long form with questions. Make it simple with only 2-3 steps or add the option to sign in using their social media account.

    3.Short and Precise Navigation

    This is where most of the app designers don’t give their required attention, and it results in a significant loss. The navigation may sound like a simple or more obvious step but working on details will get you the great things. You need to be very careful with your app navigation, try making it more convenient for the users. You should make sure that the user can access the core functionalities within very few steps. The flow from the landing page to most of the other parts of the app should be easily accessible by the users.

    4. Autofill Options

    The most recent feature that is going not only appreciated by the web but the apps are also using it is the auto fill. Use the autofill feature to help the users while entering the information. This will make the user think that the app is intelligent enough to keep things convenient.

    5. Relevant Content

    Designs and symbols are not enough to state the information and required details. You are also required to put the precise content clearly telling the users what they want to know. However, you can’t entirely rely on the content as it will disturb the design of the app, so you need to keep it very short.

    6. User’s feedback

    Honestly, no matter how hard you work or put effort there is always something that users will find annoying. So, it is important to be in direct communication with your users and know what trouble they are facing. Check the feedbacks and their suggestion of the app store to know the issue. This way you will get to know the user’s expectation and improve your app accordingly.  

    7. Support and Assistance to the Users

    The last and important tip that could save you from the usability issues is providing the user’s continuous support. Sometimes users may find hard or painful to understand anything, so you need to be there to help.


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