Top 10 Mobile App UI Design Inspirations


    You don’t have to spend too much time looking for the UI design templates elsewhere. We will provide you with some of the best UI designs that Apps have already used.

    We have come up with a collection of 10 mobile App UI design inspirations that you need to have a look at.

    Yono.Mp3 Mobile App

    YONO.MP3 mobile app is a music application that has a collection of different types of music. It also has other feathers apart from music content. It helps in listening to radio music as well. There are several other features related to songs, albums and artists. It is a nice platform for music lovers. If you are one, then you can create your own music albums and add your favourite music there.

    UI of YONO.MP3

    The YONO.MP3 app has very interesting features in the interface. The interface looks vibrant and eye-catching. There are interesting schemes and a combination of good colours that make them look beautiful.

    The app is different from other apps because if the contrast it creates in colours like black and white combination. The buttons and integration of content make it look fashionable. This will help the user to immediately focus on its icons.

    There is an overlapping blend of pictures, icons, buttons that look lively. It will highly attract other users to switch from other apps to this app. If you are focusing to design music or shopping or any other app for similar services then, you can take these ideas from the YONO.MP3 app.

    Watering Tracker App

    Watering Tracker App is an interesting app. It reminds users to water their plants. There are several of such interesting apps that provide interesting features like the Watering Tracker App. This app is a useful app for those who have lots of plantations at their home and love to grow plants. They can regularly set up their watering reminder at regular intervals.

    UI of Watering Tracker App

    The UI of this app has so many photos and themes of the different plant that it speaks out about its service itself. It is a great app to monitor the watering of your plantations. You do not have to constantly think if you have already watered your plants or when is the next time that you have to water them. It will simply remind you of both things.

    The soothing background images give you a fresh feel each time you open the app. It will refill your mood with happiness and freshness. Depending upon the service your App is set to accomplish, it is wise to give the layout of the app related to that service only. It will be more connected to the user like the Watering Tracker App is.

    Also, the icons are set on point. They inform you of every necessary detail related to your temperature, humidity and rainfall in your area. This will guide you to regulate your watering based on that. The app has overall features in a beautiful layout.

     Listen App

    Another music application is Listen. It gives pleasant music experience to its users. Apart from the pleasant experience, the app has a beautiful blend of colours in the background that are vivid. It catches the eye of its users to open and enjoy the application over other similar applications.

    It has got different music channels, radio playlists, albums, drives, playlists, etc. You have to choose your own taste there. It is definitely a very useful app for music lovers.

    Ui Of Listen

    With different music styles, the app has beautiful photos in the background. It looks enticing. The royal blue backgrounds are just like a cherry on the icing. It streams out various music channels that are highly attractive.

    It matches the colours with the music you play. The bright yet soothing colours chosen for the icons and buttons make it look even excellent.

    There is a clear interface that is a combination of different styles depending upon the channel you are playing. It is definitely a very user-friendly app. It is easy to surf the music that you need to listen to. Hundreds of albums and songs are well distributed over its layout.

     IOS App Slide Card

    iOS App Slide Card is a business application that guides users with different cars. It is an iOS mobile application to help its customers to look into different cars to do business. This app is also extremely helpful to socialize and connect with various car lovers. You can surf any car you are interested in.

    UI Of IOS App Slide Card

    The UI if the app is designed in such a way that it keeps your attention only over various cars. Of course, it is designed keeping in mind about car lovers. The background designs are enriched with lavish photos of cars. It will grab the immediate attention of a car dealer or simply someone who is more into researching about different cars.

    The app has all information about the cars, the owner of the car, car details and descriptions and other necessary information.  Its layout will easily redirect a user to find the required car details only in a few seconds.

    Studio By Morsel Inc

    Fitness goals are extremely deterministic goals. If you have any such goals, then you should have someone to manage those goals as well. Just like a personal trainer, an app can also help you to regulate your fitness goals. Studio by Morsel Inc. is one such app. It makes the entire process a fun process for you.

    UI Of Studio By Morsel Inc

    The UI of this app is very interesting and pleasing. It encourages users to unlock different levels of hardness when they finish one after the other. It motivates and drives the user to work and reach a goal. It holds various competitive class videos of famous trainers. It will really be beneficial for you.

    When the app was designed, it was thought to incorporate everything related to regulating fitness most effectively. It has inspiring fitness images, attractive and colourful background to make it more alluring. There is a leader board of winners who have won the classes and this is definitely going to motivate the rest of the users.

    Things are virtual in the app, but the experience with it makes it real and personalized. You can plan your app in this way. Make it very competitive for your customers with interesting inputs into it.

    Color Therapy Coloring Number

    This app is designed for colouring artists to help them meet their colouring urges. There are loads of colouring pages for the artists that can really entice them. More than 2000 pages are over the app to direct a high-quality impact over the user experience. It will contribute to relaxing adults.

    UI Of Color Therapy Coloring Number

    The main attractive feature of the app is HD images. They look lively to the eyes. The high-quality images are the key factor that draws all attention to stay over the app. When a high-quality image is put before the eyes of a colouring artist, he or she will definitely wonder to draw them all.

    The vibrancy and stunning features of the background colours and images connect millions of users around the globe over this platform.

    Exceeding the expectations, there are several other features over the app that make the entire scenario more beautiful. The soothing music options to play beautiful songs of your taste while enjoying the art is going to make you feel so relaxed ever.


    This app is only compatible with iOS. That means you can run this app only over your iPhones, iPads or MacBook. This is a creative app for creative people around. It has a collection of creatives that leads people to showcase their handiwork like craft, home decoratives, kitchenware, handcrafted fashion and lifestyle accessories.

    It is basically for people who love to create new and simple craftworks. It is a tool for DIY crowds.

    UI Of Triibe
    It is a lot of fun to create new things. And this app is a perfect place for such masses. It Has interesting and fun features like special filters and editing tools that will help you to craft, edit, zoom in or zoom out depending on your needs. You can save the images easily by pressing against the image for long and then, clicking on the save icon.

    The instructions are easy and there are quick guides for everything. It looks amazing but other different colourful and creative backgrounds. There are options for viewing previous projects as well.


    The app helps you to find the perfect fashion and lifestyle match for you. The inspiration of the app can be carried to build your app as it truly features all that a lifestyle blogger needs to know.

    UI Of Trove

    Whenever you need any advice on any lifestyle things, simply follow the blogs over the app. There are so many top style influencers of the world over the app who can guide you with the featured outfits There are so many fashion products over the platform which you can go on adding to your cart. Later, you can buy them all.

    You can find any outfit from anywhere and anytime to add that extra spice to your outfit. The UI of this app has it all. Even you can search for the local stores around you to purchase a particular item. Everything on the app is just a click away.

    iphone X — Todo Concept

    The app offers free service. It needs iOS 9.0 or over. It is a new version of Todo Concept for iPhone X. Every new feature on the app is designed for the new released iPhone X.

    UI Of Iphone X- Todo Concept

    The UI is very smooth. It has interesting and compatible features.  The interface is quite neat and on point. It doesn’t complicate itself and leads the user to perfectly get the service in one direction. It carries simple and classy looking animated buttons over it. The options are clear and popping out attractively. All these features of the new Todo Concept make it a better one.

     Nightowl Coffee Ordering App

    The coffee ordering app helps customers to get the hot coffee whenever they need. You can order coffee of different sizes and quantities.

    UI Of Nightowl:

    The cartoon coffee machine gives it a really decorative and creative look. The illustrative coffee machine is used to order the required quantity of coffee. There are beautiful punchy colours used in the interface. The graphic designs are very cute and look stylish. The buttons are neat and the usage is also very user-friendly.

    All these 10 apps mentioned above have a very fine UI that can give you a rough idea about how a UI can be given a more finished touch. Although we have mentioned the best features of each app distinctively, yet you can download these apps on the App Store or Google Play Store to study their interfaces closely.

    You can clearly figure out which features will be best for your app. Take inspiration from the top 10 mobile app UI designs. We hope that this article did provide depth about how UI of an app can be designed.

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